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Justin Young was born on June 25, 1980, in Warren, Michigan, the son of a musically-talented father. He took an early interest in music and began playing the saxophone at the age of 9. In his teens, he continued on with the instrument while falling in love with the R&B sounds of groups like Earth Wind & Fire, The Gap Band and Michael Jackson.

Justin began performing with his dad’s Top 40 band, Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope developed Justin’s live show and endurance since the calendar had at least 20 shows per month with as many as 5 performances each weekend.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled at Michigan State University and began studying mechanical engineering, but still pursued his passion, a career in music. In 2005, Justin recorded his first album, “Rendezvous,” but it was never nationally released.

Success came in 2007, after releasing his “On The Way,” the album landed on the Indie charts. He moved to Los Angeles, and began performing with his band through the city.

His next two albums, Nothin But Love (2008) and Home for the Holidays (2008), continued his musical journey. Justin is currently in the studio working on his fourth studio album.


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