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Brian Simpson

Melody conjoined with grooves is Brian Simpson's characteristic distinction in contemporary jazz, as he plays sophisticated harmonics with bluesy overtones.

A keyboardist, composer, studio musician and producer, Brian Simpson grew up in Gurnee, Illinois. He remembers the house always being filled with music. His older siblings played instruments and his brother's rock band rehearsed there every weekend. Brian never considering any other lifestyle than that of music.

Simpson's first solo breakthrough came in 2005 when his title track from the CD of the same name: "It's All Good" reached #1 on the Radio & Records Smooth Jazz Airplay chart. The song remained #1 for four months.

Simpson's 2015 release of "Out of A Dream" is dedicated to the late pianist Joe Sample. Brian says, "One of my major influences, the late Joe Sample, had a singing quality to his playing, and he continues to inspire me. The song 'Just One Wish' is heavily inspired by Joe. In face, I was struggling with the melody until I asked myself, 'What would Joe play?'. At that point I literally put my hands on the paino and out came that melody you hear."


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